Other Fine Chemicals Products

Product CodeProduct NameCAS
891970Sodium Hydroxide 0.2M (0.2N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
892000Sodium Hydroxide 0.33 mol/L (0.33N) SolutionN.A
891995Sodium Hydroxide 0.357M (1/2.8N) SolutionN.A
892058Sodium Hydroxide 0.5 mol/L (0.5N) For 500 ml SolutionN.A
892055Sodium Hydroxide 0.5M (0.5N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
892063Sodium Hydroxide 1M (1N) Standardized Solution Nist TraceableN.A
892068Sodium Hydroxide 2M (2N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
892075Sodium Hydroxide 4M (4N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
892095Sodium Hydroxide 6M (6N) SolutionN.A
892163Sodium Hydroxide TS (1 N) acc. to USPN.A
220045Sodium Hypobromite For SynthesisN.A
892270Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 10% SolutionN.A
892272Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 20% SolutionN.A
892470Sodium Methoxide 0.5M solution in Methanol ACSN.A
892635Sodium Nitrite 0.1M (0.2N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
221500Sodium Percarbonate15630-89-4
892885Sodium Perchlorate 1M SolutionN.A
892900Sodium Rhodizonate Reagent Solution (Reagent for Ba, Pb, Sr)N.A
221605Sodium Selenite Pentahydrate2670-82-1
893275Sodium Thiosulphate 0.01 mol/L (N/10) (0.01N) For 500 ml SolutionN.A
893335Sodium Thiosulphate 0.05M (0.05N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
893345Sodium Thiosulphate 0.1M (0.1N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
893395Sodium Thiosulphate 1M (1N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
222335Sodium Thiosulphate Anhydrous7772-98-7
986870Sodium Thiosulphate Anhydrous For Molecular Biology 98%7772-98-7
892275Sodium Thiosulphate CPECTROSOL® 0.01M (0.01N) Standardized Solution In accordance with NISTN.A
893245Sodium Thiosulphate Solution 0.1N (N/10) acc. to USPN.A
219500Sodiumdihydrido-bis-(2-methoxyethoxy) Aluminate -70% in TolueneN.A
893565Soil testing kit (For the estimation of N,P,K & pH)N.A
893560Soil testing kit (For the estimation of organic carbon)N.A
893570Soil testing kit refill pack (Reagents only) (For the estimation of N,P,K & pH)N.A
893893Starch 1 wt. % Aqueous Solution StabilizedN.A
893960Stevenel’s Blue (Pepine’s Stain for virus) Rapid malerial stainN.A
893975Stoke�s Reagent (As reducing agent-blood examination)N.A
987050Streptavidin For Molecular Biology (Fibrinogen) :~14 Units/mg Protein9013-20-1
893992Strontium (Sr) Atomic Absorption Std. Soln. Contains 1000 mg/lit AAS in Diluted HCl Nist TraceableN.A
894375Sudan Black (Alcoholic) SolutionN.A
894377Sudan Black (P.G.) SolutionN.A
894355Sudan IV Staining Solution (Fat Stain)N.A
894495Sulphanilic Acid TS acc. to USPN.A
894590Sulphomolybdic Acid Solution (Reagent for Glucosides)N.A
894594Sulphomolybdic Acid TS acc. to USPN.A
894715Sulphosalicylic Acid Solution (Reagent for Fe-green blue to pale yellow)N.A
895153Sulphuric Acid 0.5 mol/L (N/1) (1N) For 500 ml SolutionN.A
894895Sulphuric Acid 10%N.A
895152Sulphuric Acid Solution 1N acc. to USPN.A
895470Susa FixativeN.A
896000Tannic Acid Solution (Reagent for Albumin & Gelatin)N.A
896010Tantalum (Ta) 1000 ppm Single Element Std. Soln. in 5% HNO3, 1% HF Nist TraceableN.A
896155Tellurium (Te) 10000 ppm Single Element Std. Soln. for ICP in HNO3 Nist TraceacbleN.A
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