Other Fine Chemicals Products

Product CodeProduct NameCAS
878783Potassium Permanganate 0.1 N (0.02 mol/L) Solution In WaterN.A
878795Potassium Permanganate 0.5 N (0.1 mol/L) Solution In WaterN.A
878793Potassium Permangnate 0.1N acc. to USPN.A
196400Potassium Silicate SolutionN.A
879090Potassium Sulphate TS acc. to USPN.A
879185Potassium Thiocyanate 0.1 N SolutionN.A
972590Protein A Sepharose For Molecular BiologyN.A
972670Proteinase K, From Pichia Pastoris Recombinant PCR Grade For Molecular Biology39450-01-6
198565Proteose Peptone (Culture Media Ingradient)N.A
879360Pyrocatechol Violet Solution Adsorption Indicator (Reagent for Al, Bi, Sn, V &Ti)N.A
879860Quinaldine Red Indicator SolutionN.A
883215Resorcinol TS acc. to USPN.A
972990Ribonucleic Acid (See: RNA, FromTorula Yeast) For Molecular Biology 86%63231-63-0
973070Ribonucleic Acid Sodium Salt For Molecular Biology73049-77-1
24000S-Binol for Synthesis18531-99-2
887180Salzmann’s Reagent Solution (Reagent for Nitrite)N.A
973470Silicon (Anti Foaming Agent) For Molecular BiologyN.A
217275Silicon Dioxide Colloidal Hydrate Confirming to IP63231-67-4
217272Silicon Dioxide Confirming to BP Specification60676-86-0
889455Silver Nitrate 0.05N Volumetric SolutionN.A
889525Silver Nitrate 1N Volumetric SolutionN.A
889415Silver Nitrate Solution 0.1N acc. to USPN.A
889900Simon�s Reagent ‘A’N.A
889902Simon�s Reagent �B�N.A
889945Soap Solution According to Clarke�sN.A
TC1023USodium Acetate Anhydrous127-09-3
890325Sodium Acetate TS acc. to USPN.A
30110Sodium Alginate (Low Viscosity)N.A
218315Sodium Arsenate10048-95-0
218335Sodium Arsenite7784-46-5
890395Sodium Arsenite 0.05M (0.1N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
891185Sodium Chloride 0.1 N SolutionN.A
891205Sodium Chloride 1 N SolutionN.A
891250Sodium Chloride TS, Alkaline acc. to USPN.A
642845Sodium Cyanide AR/ACS (Against Poison Licence)N.A
66320Sodium Cyanoborohydride25895-60-7
891480Sodium Diethyl Dithiocarbamate Solution (Reagent for Cd, Cr, CU, Pb, Co, Mn, Ni, U & Zn)N.A
891500Sodium Diphenyl Solution AR5137-46-2
891510Sodium Diphenylamine Sulphonate Indicator Solution (Redox indicator)N.A
219645Sodium Ethoxide for Synthesis141-52-6
219700Sodium Ferrocyanide Decahydrate14434-22-1
891565Sodium Formate 0.01 N SolutionN.A
891568Sodium Formate 0.1 N SolutionN.A
891571Sodium Formate 0.5 N SolutionN.A
891695Sodium Hydroxide 0.01 mol/L (0.01N) For 500 ml SolutionN.A
891705Sodium Hydroxide 0.02 mol/L (0.02N) SolutionN.A
891700Sodium Hydroxide 0.02M (0.02N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
891999Sodium Hydroxide 0.25 mol/L (0.25N) For 500 ml SolutionN.A
891997Sodium Hydroxide 0.25M (0.25N) Standardized Solution Nist traceableN.A
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