Enzymes for Industrial Use

Agriculture, Biomass, and Biofuels

  Enzyme as soil nutrient As a stand-alone soil nutrient or as an additive mixed with other fertilizers such as hydrolyzed fish.  
  Enzyme blend for solid waste to produce compost Treat solid waste to produce compost
  Enzyme blend for Fuel Alcohol Fuel Alcohol production
  Native Candida rugosa Lipase Biodiesel production
  Glucoamylase for fuel-alcohol Fuel Alcohol production
  Bilirubin oxidase from Microorganism Biofuel cell production


  Native Laccase from White rot fungi  
  Native Aspergillus niger Cellulase
  Native Lignin Peroxidase from Phanerochaete chrysosporium
  Native Agaricus bisporus Laccase
  Bacterial hemicellulase

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