Enzyme Products

  • Brewing Enzyme

    • Pullulanase  
    • Neutral Protease
    • Acid Protease
    • a low temperature α-Amylase
    • a high temperature α-Amylase
    • Glucoamylase (Glucan 1,4-α-glucosidase)
  • Bakery

    • Maltogenic Amylase

    • Hemi-Cellulase

    • Xylanase

    • Glucose Oxidase

    • Compound baking enzyme (for bread)

    • Compound enzymes for noodles

    • Lipase

    • Fungal Alpha Amylase

    • Phospholipase Enzyme

Fruit Juice

  •  Compound Pectinase Enzymes
  • Complex feed enzyme
  • Single feed enzyme
  • Denim Finishing
  • Bleach Clean-up
  • Bio-scouring
  • Bio- polishing
  • Desizing



Papain 50000-2,000,000U/g , Digestion andProtein Hydrolysate

Bromelain 500-1500CDU/mg , Digestion andDiminish Inflam mation

Chymosin(chymopapain) 20,000U/g  , Cheese product


Transglutaminase  (TG) TG-A,TG-B,TG-K,TG-M,TG-Y Protein Binding Processing

Neutral Protease  200,000-600,000 U/g , Protein Hydrolysate and Biscuit

Alkaline Protease 200,000-1,600,000U/g, Protein Hydrolysate and Detergent

Deaminase 20,000 U/g , Yeast Extract

Nucllease 12,000U/g , Yeast Extract

Pectinase 30,000U/g , Beverage Industry

Cellulase 20,000U/g , Juice and Brewing Industry

Lacttase 10,000-100,000U/g , Dairy

Amylase 2,000U/g Starch , Digestion and Baking

Fungal amylase 140,000SKB , Bakery


Lysozyme    45000FIPU/mg Degermingand Food Refreshing

Pancreatin   4000U/g Healthfood and Digestion

Digestive Enzyme CompositeEnzyme Digestion and Diminish

Inflammation Yeast Extract Enzyme CompositeEnzyme Yeast Extract

Flavor Enzyme CompositeEnzyme Removal of Bitterness


Glucose oxidase  2800U/G BreadProduction

Xylanase  125,000,000U/G

Lipase  110,000U/G FoodProducts

β-glucanas  410,000U/G

Glucoamylase  100,000,000U/G

Beta glucosidase  4000U/G

Laccase  5000-10000U/G

Tannase 500U/G

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