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NameModel No.Specification
Stainless steel Manifold Membrane Filter with Vacuum pump
MFS-3A-250k3place,250ml funnel,with vacuup pump
MFS-3A-500k3place,500ml funnel,with vacuup pump
MFS-6A-250k6place,250ml funnel,with vacuup pump
MFS-6A-500k6place,500ml funnel,with vacuup pump
MFS-10A-250k10place,250ml funnel,with vacuup pump
MFS-10A-500k10place,500ml funnel,with vacuup pump
Infrared Sterilizer for Inoculation Loops / tweezers /small scissors
HKM-9802A130mm length, diameter≤φ14mm
HKM-9802B100mm length, diameter≤φ53mm
Microbial Air Sampler
HKM-II100 liter / min(with touch screen,blutooth connection)
HKM-II A100 liter / min(with touch screen,blutooth connection) with software connected to computer
HKM-II B100 liter / min (with touch screen,blutooth
connection)with software connected to computer and Automatically compensate
SmartCounter automatic colony counting instrument
18043922Lens Pixel:5,000,000
18043921Lens Pixel:10,000,000
18043924Lens Pixel:16,000,000
Soil Tester
SMT-100Awith USB interface connected to computer
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System
HGS-WS21 CollectorTransmision Distance: Barrier-Free 100M
HK-WS-5S ReceiverMaximum No. of Connection:256
Sample Preparation
ShockMixer-1250ml,   93 / second

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