Other Fine Chemicals Products

Product CodeProduct NameCAS
271900Yeast Extract Paste For BacteriologyN.A
905750Yttrium (V) 1000 ppm Single Element Standard Soln. for ICP in 2% HNO3, Nist TraceableN.A
907480Zenker’s Fixing for Microscopy Fixing System For Animal TissueN.A
907490Ziehl Neelsen Acid Fast Stains KitN.A
907502Zinc (Zn) CPECTROSOL® Atomic Absorption Std. Soln. Contains 1000 mg/lit AAS in Diluted HCl In Accordance with NISTN.A
907590Zinc Chloride 0.5M Solution In TetrahydrofuranN.A
907592Zinc Chloride 0.5M Standardized Solution Nist TraceableN.A
275225Zinc Parithione13463-41-7
908505Zinc Sulphate 0.05 mol/L Volumetric SolutionN.A
908508Zinc Sulphate 0.05M Standardized Solution Nist TraceableN.A
908520Zinc Sulphate 0.1 mol/L (0.1M) For 500 ml SolutionN.A
908515Zinc Sulphate 0.1 mol/L Volumetric SolutionN.A
908518Zinc Sulphate 0.1M Standardized Solution Nist TraceableN.A
908530Zinc Sulphate Solution 0.05M acc. to USPN.A

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