Product CodeProduct NameCAS
545325Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride AR1304222
28523Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride for Synthesis (Hydroxyl Ammonium Chloride)1304222
115845Hydroxylamine Phosphate for Synthesis (Hydroxylammonium Phosphate)20845-01-6
28524Hydroxylamine Sulphate (Hydroxyl Ammonium Sulphate)10039-54-0
545335Hydroxylamine Sulphate AR10039-54-0
106815Imidazole (Glyoxaline)288-32-4
546015Imidazole AR/ACS288-32-4
948100Imidazole for Molecular Biology288-32-4
28547Imino Diacetic Acid for Synthesis142-73-4
120875Imipramine Hydrochloride for Biochemistry113-52-0
546095Indole Crystalline AR For estimation of DNA120-72-9
122105Indole-3-Carboxaldehyde for Synthesis487-89-8
122155Indole-3-Carboxylic Acid for Biochemistry771-50-6
122245Indole-3-Propionic Acid for Biochemistry830-96-6
122005Indole-5-Carbonitrile (5-Cyano Indole)15861-24-2
122165Indole-5-Carboxylic Acid1670-81-1
122315Indolinone for Synthesis [1-(2,6-dichlorophenyl)-2-indolinone]15362-40-0
545215Iodic Acid AR7782-68-5
122715Iodine Mono-Bromide for Synthesis7789-33-5
28566Iodine Monochloride for Synthesis7790-99-0
549025Iodine Pentoxide AR for Flue Gas Analysis12029-98-0
545255Iodine Resublimed AR7553-56-2
28564Iodine Resublimed Meets Analytical Specification of IP, BP, Ph. Eur.7553-56-2
28569Iodine Trichloride865-44-1
122855Iodo Acetamide for Synthesis144-48-9
549165Iodo Acetic Acid AR64-69-7
549305Iodo Benzene Diacetate AR (Diacetoxyiodobenzene)3240-34-4
123015Iodo Benzene for Synthesis591-50-4
28583Iodoform Pure75-47-8
550105Isatin AR for Synthesis (Indole-2,3-dione) (Spectrophotometric det.of Proline and Thiophene)91-56-5
124555Isatoic Anhydride for Synthesis (Anthranilic Acid N-Carboxylic Acid Anhydride)118-48-9
550325Iso Amyl Acetate AR123-92-2
27211Iso Amyl Acetate for Synthesis123-92-2
550345Iso Amyl Alcohol AR/ACS123-51-3
949000Iso Amyl Alcohol for Molecular Biology123-51-3
27212Iso Amyl Alcohol for Synthesis also for Milk testing123-51-3
25992Iso Amyl Iodide541-28-6
124765Iso Butyl Acetate for Synthesis (acetic acid isobutyl ester)110-19-0
550415Iso Butyl Benzene AR538-93-2
125015Iso Butyl Benzoate for Synthesis120-50-3
25222Iso Butyl Bromide (1-Bromo-2 Methyl Propane)78-77-3
125205Iso Butyl Butyrate for Synthesis539-90-2
125225Iso Butyl Cinnamate for Synthesis122-67-8
125235Iso Butyl Formate for Synthesis542-55-2
125255Iso Butyl Iodide for Synthesis (1-Iodo-2-Methyl Propane)513-38-2
125325Iso Butyl Methacrylate for Synthesis97-86-9
125535Iso Butyl Phenyl Acetate for Synthesis102-13-6
125555Iso Butyl Propionate for Synthesis540-42-1
125575Iso Butyl Salicylate for Synthesis87-19-4
124905Iso Butylbenzene for Synthesis [(2-methylpropyl) benzene]538-93-2
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