Product CodeProduct NameCAS
1520Aceto Hydroxamic Acid546-88-3
1320Acetone Cyanohydrin for Synthesis75-86-5
451005Acetophenone AR98-86-2
451095Acetyl Acetone AR123-54-6
27035Acetyl Acetone for Synthesis123-54-6
27037Acetyl Chloride for Synthesis75-36-5
451365Acrylamide 3X CRYST AR79-06-1
910550Acrylamide 3x cryst. For molecular biology DNase, RNase, protease And Phosphate not detected79-06-1
910548Acrylamide for Electrophoresis79-06-1
910560Acrylamide for Electrophoresis (Low Conductance<5uS/cm) 3x Crystallised79-06-1
25974Acrylic Acid for Synthesis79-10-7
452025Acrylonitrile AR (Vinyl Cyanide)107-13-1
27047Acrylonitrile Stabilised for Synthesis (Vinyl Cyanide)107-13-1
27049Adipic Acid Pure124-04-9
3550Ajmalicine Pure483-04-5
3570Ajmaline Pure898839
25969Aleuritic Acid533-87-9
42010Allantoin Fine Powder97-59-6
453835Allyl Alcohol AR (2-propen-1-ol)107-18-6
25981Allyl Alcohol for Synthesis (2-Propan-1-ol)107-18-6
4550Allyl Bromide (3-Bromo-1-Propene) (Stabilised with Silver Wire)106-95-6
25984Allyl Chloride for Synthesis107-05-1
4600Allyl Iodide (3-Iodo-1-Propene)`556-56-9
454645Aluminon AR/ACS Reagent for Aluminium569-58-4
7650Amino Guanidine Bicarbonate (1-Aminoguanidinium Hydrogen Carbonate, Guanylhydrazine Bicarbonate Salt) for Synthesis2582-30-1
703740Ammonia Soln. for HPLC Concentration In Water ~10%1336-21-6
9305Ammonia Solution1336-21-6
9315Ammonia Solution1336-21-6
456145Ammonia Solution AR1336-21-6
456165Ammonia Solution AR/ACS1336-21-6
25924Ammonium Thioglycollate Abt 59%5421-46-5
10455Amyl Benzoate for Synthesis2049-96-9
10595Amyl Formate for Synthesis638-49-3
10605Amyl Isobutyrate for Synthesis106-27-4
10615Amyl Isovalerate for Synthesis25415-62-7
10625Amyl Phenyl Acetate for Synthesis5137-52-0
10635Amyl Propionate for Synthesis624-54-4
10645Amyl Salicylate for Synthesis2050-08-0
10865Anethole for Synthesis4180-23-8
458205Aniline AR62-53-3
27226Aniline for Synthesis62-53-3
27229Aniline Hydrochloride for Synthesis142-04-1
27230Aniline Sulphate542-16-5
11395Anisic Alcohol for Synthesis (Anise Alcohol, Anisyl Alcohol)105-13-5
14611Anthracene for Scintillation grade120-12-7
26017Anthracene Pure (Blue Fluorescence)120-12-7
D12357Anthracene-d10 for NMR Spectroscopy1719-06-8
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