Product CodeProduct NameCAS
126325DL-Iso leucine for Biochemistry (2-amino-3-methylpentanoic acid)443-79-8
568635DL-Malic Acid for Biochemistry AR Gold Label617-48-1
29127DL-Malic Acid Purified617-48-1
146765DL-Mandelic Acid for Synthesis90-64-2
24982DL-Methionine for Feed experiment59-51-8
597415DL-Nor-Adrenaline HCl AR55-27-6
237435DL-Tartaric Acid (This is not D-Tartaric Acid)133-37-9
665595DL-Tropic Acid AR for Biochemistry529-64-6
79815Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride for Synthesis26544-38-7
80035Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid Sodium Salt25155-30-0
79905Dodecylamine for Synthesis (Laurylamine)124-22-1
36029DPX Mountant for Microscopy & HistologyN.A
522265Epichlorohydrin AR (1-Chloro-2,3-Epoxypropane)106-89-8
522640Eschka’s Mixture AR For determination of Sulphur in coal2230788
82975Ethane Dithiol for Synthesis540-63-6
82985Ethane Sulphonic Acid594-45-6
730850Ethane-1,2-Disulfonic Acid Disodium Salt (Anhydrous) HPLC for Ion Pair Chromatography5325-43-9
83105Ethanolamine Hydrochloride (2-Hydroxymethyl Ammonium Chloride) Ether Solvent See Di Ethyl Ether2002-24-6
522830Ethanolamine Mono AR/ACS141-43-5
28306Ethanolamine Mono for Synthesis141-43-5
522920Ethyl Acetate AR/ACS141-78-6
730900Ethyl Acetate for HPLC & Spectroscopy141-78-6
731000Ethyl Acetate for Pesticide Residue Trace Analysis141-78-6
731100Ethyl Acetate for Protein Sequence Analysis for Biochemistry141-78-6
28311Ethyl Acetate for Synthesis141-78-6
730897Ethyl Acetate GC HS Grade141-78-6
523105Ethyl Acetoacetate AR141-97-9
28312Ethyl Acetoacetate for Synthesis141-97-9
28313Ethyl Acrylate for Synthesis140-88-5
83945Ethyl Anthranilate for Synthesis87-25-2
28320Ethyl Benzene100-41-4
28321Ethyl Benzoate93-89-0
84215Ethyl Benzoyl Acetate for Synthesis94-02-0
25530Ethyl Bromo Acetate for Synthesis105-36-2
25538Ethyl Butyrate105-54-4
84585Ethyl Caproate for Synthesis123-66-0
84605Ethyl Caprylate for Synthesis106-32-1
84625Ethyl Carbazate4114-31-2
25522Ethyl Chloro Acetate for Synthesis105-39-5
84805Ethyl Chloroformate (Ethyl Chlorocarbonate)541-41-3
25545Ethyl Cinnamate103-36-6
28337Ethyl Cyanoacetate for Synthesis105-56-6
85105Ethyl Cyclohexane for Synthesis1678-91-7
85215Ethyl Decanoate for Synthesis110-38-3
25535Ethyl Formate for Synthesis (Formic Acid Ethyl Ester)109-94-4
85815Ethyl Heptanoate for Synthesis106-30-9
28581Ethyl Iodide for Synthesis75-03-6
86075Ethyl Lactate (Biodegradeble) Solvent Replacement for Optical and for Synthesis Microelectronical Purpose97-64-3
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