Product CodeProduct NameCAS
863460Malarial parasite staining kitN.A
864100Mayer’s Solution (Reagent for Detection of Alkaloids)N.A
866260Miller’s Reagent for FluorineN.A
866270Millon’s Reagent (For Protein)N.A
866320Molish’s ReagentN.A
866490Morner’s ReagentN.A
868500Neisser’s Metachromatic Stains kitN.A
868520Neisser’s Stain A Soln. (Methylene Blue)N.A
868530Neisser’s Stain B Soln. (Crystal Violet)N.A
868540Neisser’s Stain C Soln. (Chrysodine)N.A
868740Nessler’s Reagent (For detection of Ammonia and Ammonium salt)N.A
868760Nessler’s Reagent King’s (For Serum Urea Nitrogen)N.A
871200O’meara ReagentN.A
897900o-Tolidine Reagent (For Chlorine Estimation)119-93-7
874370Pandy’s Reagent (For determination of Globulin in CSF)N.A
875920Picric Acid Saturated Aqueous Soln.N.A
875900Picric Acid Solution 1.2% AR for determination of blood glucose and creatinineN.A
876300Platelets Counting FluidN.A
883010R.B.C. Diluting Fluid (Hayem’s)N.A
883225Reticulocyte Counting FluidN.A
883380Ringer’S SolutionN.A
883410Robert’s Test ReagentN.A
44464Rothera’s Mixture Powder (For detection of Ketone bodies (Acetone) in Urine)N.A
888040Schiff’s Reagent for detection of aldehydesN.A
888280Seliwan Off’s ReagentN.A
888310Semen Diluting FluidN.A
889930Smith’s Reagent For Bile PigmentN.A
891150Sodium Chloride (Concentrated saline solution) for prepairing isotonic (0.9% w/v) Soln.N.A
891410Sodium Citrate Solution 3.8% w/v (as C6 H5 Na3 O7 .2H2 O) 3.8-4.2% w/vN.A
898000Tollen’s ReagentN.A
898140Topfer’s Reagent Determination of HCl in Gastric JuiceN.A
898190Total Hardness Indicator TabletsN.A
899917Turk’s Solution for Hematology, LeucocytesN.A
901160Urea Stock Standard 0.25% w/vN.A
901210Uric Acid ReagentN.A
901230Uric Acid Stock Standard 0.1% w/vN.A
902500Van Gieson II Solution for Microscopy Differential Stain for CollagenN.A
902550W.B.C. Diluting Fluid (Truck’s)N.A
902600Wagner’S Reagent SolutionN.A
902690Wanklyn’s SolutionN.A
902990Wij’s & Iodine SolutionN.A
909810ZN Acid Fast Stains KitN.A
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