Product Code Product Name CAS
800340 Acetone Alcohol 50% Solution Decolourizer N.A
801740 Acid Alcohol N.A
801790 Acid Fast Decolourizer N.A
801840 Acid Mixture (Phosphoric Sulphuric) N.A
802860 Alkaline Copper Tartrate Solution (Folin and wu ; Alkaline copper Soln.) N.A
803610 Aluminon Reagent N.A
807400 Barfoed’s Reagent N.A
808700 Barritt Reagent A N.A
808710 Barritt Reagent B N.A
808810 Benedict’s Reagent Qualitative for detection of Sugar in Urine N.A
808820 Benedict’s Reagent Quantitative N.A
809500 Bial’s Reagent for Detection Of Pentoses And Glucoronic Acid N.A
810300 Biuret Reagent N.A
811000 Borsche’s Reagent For detection of Ketones N.A
811040 Bouin’s Fluid (Bouin’s Picro Formal fixing Soln.) N.A
819960 C.S.F. Diluting Fluid N.A
25773 Calcium Hardness Powder N.A
814810 Capsule stain kit N.A
25690 Carbol Xylene For Microscopy (Content 25% Phenol) N.A
816010 Chlorine Test Reagent N.A
817500 Cholesterol Stock Standard solution 0.1% N.A
819600 Creatinine Standard Solution Concentration 0.0099-0.011mg/lit N.A
25600 D.M. Water 7732-18-5
828705 Diacetyl Monoxine Solution 2% N.A
824800 Diazo Reagent A N.A
824810 Diazo Reagent B N.A
827000 Drabkin’s Solution N.A
827020 Dragendorff’s Reagent N.A
829450 E.D.T.A Caustic Soda Powder (for estimatiion of milk fat by electronic milko tester) N.A
829520 Ehrlich’s Reagent N.A
829660 Eosinophil Diluting Fluid N.A
829820 Esbach’s Reagent N.A
834200 Fehling’s Solution NO. 1 N.A
834220 Fehling’s Solution NO. 2 N.A
834730 Fluorescent stains kit for mycobacteria N.A
835020 Folin & Ciocalteu’s Phenol Reagent N.A
835030 Folin & Ciocalteu’s Phenol Reagent AR Suitable for use in protein determination (2.0 normal) N.A
835070 Folin & Wu’s Alkaline Copper Solution N.A
835100 Folin & Wu’s Phosphate Molybdate Solution N.A
835500 Fouchet’s Reagent for Bile Pigment N.A
839440 Glucose Stock Standard solution 1% N.A
840000 Gower’S Reagent N.A
121205 Indian Ink Used as Stain for Proteins on Nitrocellulose Blotting Membranes N.A
850800 Isotonic Sodium Sulphate Copper Sulphate Solution N.A
854100 Kaiser’S Glycerol Gelatin Solution N.A
854500 Kovac’s Indole Reagent N.A
859260 Lactophenol (Cotton Blue) Solution for Microscopy N.A
859280 Lactophenol (Mountant) Special for Fungi N.A
859300 Lactophenol Picric Acid Solution N.A
863340 Magneson Reagent N.A
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