Product Code

Product Name

PT 1124

Cactus Multiplication Medium (w/ Vitamins, Sucrose, Adenine sulphate, iP, IAA, IBA & Agar)

PT 1121

Carnation Initiation Medium (w/ Vitamins, Sucrose, Casein hydrolysate, Kinetin, NAA & Agar)

PT 1122

Carnation Multiplication Medium (w/ Vitamins, Sucrose, Kinetin, NAA & Agar)

PT 1123

Carnation Rooting Medium (w/ Vitamins, Sucrose & Agar)

PT 1089

Carrot Callus Initiation Medium (w/ Vitamins & 2,4-D; w/o Sucrose & Agar)

PT 1112

Carrot Organogenesis Medium (w/ Vitamins, Sucrose & Kinetin; w/o Agar)

TS 2113


TS 2041


TS 2040


VP 1009


PT 1027

Chée & Pool (C2D) Vitis Medium

VP 1010

CHU (N 6) Vitamins (100X)

PL 1017

CHU (N 6) Vitamins Solution (100X)

PL 1026

CHU (N6) Basal Solution (10X)

TS 2043

CHU (N6) Macroelements

PL 1001

CHU (N6) Macroelements Solution (10X)

PT 1113

CHU (N6) Medium (w/ Vitamins & Sucrose; w/o Agar)

PT 1030

CHU (N6) Medium (w/ Vitamins; w/o Sucrose & Agar)

PL 1002

CHU (N6) MicroelementsSolution(100X)

TS 2103


TS 2042

CHU (N6)Microelements

PL 1032

CHU Basal Solution No. 10 (10X) (Recommended for in vitro cultivation of algae)

PT 1029

CLC / Ipomoea Basal Medium ((for Embryo Development, EP) w/ Vitamins; w/o Sucrose & Agar)

PT 1028

CLC / Ipomoea Basal Medium (for Embryogenic Callus Growth, CP) w/ Vitamins; w/o CaCl 2 , Sucrose & Agar

TS 2046

CLC / Ipomoea Macroelements (for Embryo Development, EP)

TS 2045

CLC / Ipomoea Macroelements (for Embryogenic Callus Growth, CP)

TS 2044

CLC / Ipomoea Microelements (100X)

VP 1011

CLC / Ipomoea Microelements (100X)

PHS 1014

CNV Supplement (Selective supplement for the detection of Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. phaseolicola, Pseudomonas syringae and Xanthomonas axonopodis in seeds of beans One vial is sufficient for 1000 ml medium 🙂

PT 1084

Date Palm Callus Initiation Medium (w/ Vitamins, Sucrose, 2,4-D, 2iP, Activated charcoal & Agar)

PT 1146

Date Palm Regeneration Medium (w/ 2iP, Activated charcoal, Sucrose & Agar)

TS 2048

De Greef & Jacobs Macroelements

PT 1031

De Greef & Jacobs Medium (w/ Vitamins; w/o Sucrose & Agar)

TS 2047

De Greef & Jacobs Microelements (100X)

TS 2114

De Greef & Jacobs Plant Salt Mixture

VP 1012

De Greef & Jacobs Vitamins (100X)

PT 1152

Dendrobium (Orchid) Seed Germination Medium (w/ Vitamins, Sucrose & Agar)

TS 2050

DKW / Juglans Macroelements

PT 1032

DKW / Juglans Medium (w/ Vitamin w/o Sucrose & Agar)

PT 1147

DKW / Juglans Medium (w/ Vitamins & Sucrose; w/o Agar)

TS 2049

DKW / Juglans Microelements (100X)

TS 2115

DKW / Juglans Plant Salt Mixture

VP 1013

DKW / Juglans Vitamins (100X)

TS 2052

Eriksson (ER) Macroelements

PT 1148

Eriksson (ER) Medium (w/ Vitamins & Sucrose; w/o Agar)

PT 1033

Eriksson (ER) Medium (w/ Vitamins; w/o Sucrose & Agar)

TS 2051

Eriksson (ER) Microelements (100X)

VP 1014

Eriksson (ER) Vitamins (100X)

PL 1036

Eriksson (ER) Vitamins Solution (1000X)

PL 1041

f/2 Guillards Marine Enriched Solution (10X) (Recommended for in vitro cultivation of algae)

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