Product Code

Product Name

DM 2033

Acetamide Agar (Twin Pack)

DM 1339

Acetate Differential Agar

DM 1885S

Andrade Peptone Water

DM 1885

Andrade Peptone Water

DM 1909

Andrade Peptone Water w/Meat Extract

DM 1619

Arginine Dihydrolase Broth

DM 2192

Asparagine Proline Broth

DM 1906

B.C. Motility Test Medium

DM 2394

Bacillus Differentiation Agar

DM 1676

Bromo Cresol Purple Broth Base (Yeast Fermentation Broth Base)

DM 2265

Bromo Cresol Purple Broth w/Lactose

DM 1070

Buffered Glucose Broth (Glucose Phosphate Broth) See MR-VP Medium

DM 1893

CAL Agar (Cellobiose Arginine Lysine Agar)

DM 1894

CAL Broth (Cellobiose Arginine Lysine Broth)

DM 2240

Campylobacter Nitrate Broth

DM 1351

CHO Medium Base

DM 1159

Cystine Tryptone Agar

DM 1501

Decarboxylase Agar Base

DM 1393

Decarboxylase Broth Base, Moeller (Moeller Decorboxylase Broth Base)

DM 1912

Decarboxylase Test Medium Base (Falkow)

DM 1912S

Decarboxylase Test Medium Base (Falkow)

DM 1111

Diagnostic Stuart’s Urea Broth Base (Urea Broth Base)

DM 1915

Dihydrolase Broth Base

DM 1057

Double Sugar Agar, Russell (Russell Double Sugar Agar)

DM 2386

Esculin Agar

DM 2382

Esculin Fermentation Broth

DM 1919

Fermentation Medium Base for C. Perfringens

DM 1827

Fermentation Medium for Staphylococcus and Micrococcus

DM 1686

Gelatin Iron Agar

DM 1483

Gluconate Test Medium

DM 1989

Glucose Starch Agar

DM 1775

Hemmes Medium Base

DM 1871

Hugh Leifson Glucose Medium

DM 1826

Hugh Leifson Medium

DM 1826S

Hugh Leifson Medium

DM 1364

Indole Nitrate Medium (Tryptone Nitrate Medium)

DM 2161

Inositol Gelatin Medium

DM 1247

IUT Medium Base

DM 2169

Kaper’s Medium

DM 2235

King’s OF Medium Base

DM 1078

Kligler Iron Agar

DM 1078I

Kligler Iron Agar

DM 1078A

Kligler Iron Agar, Modified

DM 1142

Kohn Two Tube Medium No. 1 Base

DM 1802

Kohn Two Tube Medium No. 2

DM 1069

Koser Citrate Medium

DM 1628

Lactose Gelatin Medium

DM 1987I

Lactose Gelatin Medium, Modified

DM 1987

Lactose Gelatin Medium, Modified

DM 2070

Lauryl Tryptose Mannitol Broth w/Tryptophan

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