Product Code Product Name
BC 2021 Bio Peptone, Certified
BA 2714 Casein Peptone, enzymic digest of casein
BA 2635 Meat Peptone
BA 3049 Meat Peptone Type P
BA 3050 Meat Peptone Type T
BA 2006 Mycological Peptone See Peptone M
BC 2006 Mycological Peptone, Certified
BA 2656 Papaic Digest of Casein
BA 2015 Peptone Special (Special Peptone)
BA 2667 Peptone Type I, Bacteriological
BA 9709 Peptone Type III, Bacteriological
BA 2001 Peptone, Bacteriological
BA 8190 Peptone, Cell Culture grade
BC 2001 Peptone, Certified
BA 2275 Peptonized Milk
BA 2005 Proteose Peptone
BA 8394 Proteose Peptone A
BA 8392 Proteose Peptone B
BC 2005 Proteose Peptone, Certified
BC 2015 Special Peptone, Certified
BC 2030 Tryptose, Certified
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