Product CodeProduct NameCAS
024998Metanilic Acid121-47-1
029270Molybdic Acid7782-91-4
587100Molybdic Acid AR/ACS7782-91-4
034009N-Butyl Lithium 1.6M in Hexane109-72-8
756355Nitric Acid EL7697-37-2
169215Nitric Acid (1.41-1.42)7697-37-2
594655Nitric Acid (1.42) AR/ACS7697-37-2
756360Nitric Acid Acipur for Trace Metal Analysis7697-37-2
172465Nonanoic Acid112-05-0
025264Oleic Acid112-80-1
177615Oleum 20% Pract8014-95-7
763215Ortho Phosphoric Acid for HPLC7664-38-2
029420ortho-Phosphoric Acid (Also for Steel Industry)7664-38-2
037137ortho-Phosphoric Acid (Phosphoric Acid)7664-38-2
609725ortho-Phosphoric Acid AR Manganese free7664-38-2
970230ortho-Phosphoric Acid For Molecular Biology 85%7664-38-2
183795Pamoic Acid for Synthesis130-85-8
184455Paraldehyde for Synthesis123-63-7
604675Pelargonic Acid AR (Nonanoic Acid)112-05-0
605075Perchloric Acid 60% AR7601-90-3
970400Perchloric Acid 60% For Molecular Biology: 60-62%7601-90-3
605080Perchloric Acid 70% AR7601-90-3
605085Perchloric Acid 70% AR for Diamond Industry7601-90-3
606355Phenol AR (Carbolic Acid)108-95-2
029477Phenol Pure (Carbolic Acid)108-95-2
186955Phenoxy Acetic Acid for Synthesis122-59-8
612135Polyphosphoric Acid AR8017-16-1
029578Polyphosphoric Acid for Synthesis8017-16-1
195465Potassium tert-Butoxide865-47-4
612325Potassium tert-Butoxide AR (Potassium Tert-Butoxide)865-47-4
029688Propionic Acid for Synthesis79-09-4
030042Sebacic Acid for Synthesis111-20-6
216215Selenic Acid for Synthesis7783-08-6
030054Selenous Acid7783-00-8
217175Silicic Acid for Lipid Chromatography Narrow Range below 325 Mesh1343-98-2
030064Silicic Acid Precipitated Dried1343-98-2
640205Silicotungstic Acid AR12027-43-9
033106Sodalime Granules8006-28-8
024319Stearic Acid for Biochemistry57-11-4
030267Stearic Acid for Synthesis57-11-4
648955Suberic Acid AR505-48-6
649045Succinic Acid AR110-15-6
030295Succinic Acid Cryst. Pure110-15-6
030307Sulphamic Acid (Amido Sulphonic Acid)5329-14-6
649665Sulphamic Acid AR (Amido Sulphonic Acid)5329-14-6
649265Sulphanilic Acid AR/ACS Sensitivity to Nitrate 1:100,000,000 Parts121-57-3
030309Sulphanilic Acid for Synthesis121-57-3
226325Sulphuric Acid (SP.GR 1.835)7664-93-9
894913Sulphuric Acid 25% AR for Analysis7664-93-9

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