Product Code Product Name
DM 1287A EE Broth Modified
DM 1287EE Broth, Mossel
DM 1287DEE Broth, Mossel
DM 1287IEE Broth, Mossel
DM 1287HEE Broth, Mossel
DM 1808Egg Yolk Agar Base
DM 1086Eijkman Lactose Broth
DM 1368Elliker Broth (Lactobacilli Broth)
DM 1466Ellners Broth
DM 1317EMB Agar
DM 1301EMB Agar Base
DM 1022EMB Agar, Levine
DM 1022SEMB Agar, Levine
DM 1022MEMB Agar, Levine
DM 1503EMB Broth
DM 1325Emerson Agar
DM 1773Emerson YSS Agar
DM 1029Endo Agar
DM 2077Endo Agar Base
DM 2258Endo Agar w/NaCl
DM 2075Endo Agar, Modified
DM 1738Enriched Thioglycollate Broth
DM 1392Enterococcus Confirmatory Agar
DM 1394Enterococcus Confirmatory Broth
DM 1419Enterococcus Presumptive Broth
DM 2386Esculin Agar
DM 1749Esculin Azide Broth
DM 2382Esculin Fermentation Broth
DM 2044Esculin Iron Agar
DM 1426Ethyl Violet Azide Broth (E.V.A. Broth)
DM 1428Eugonic Agar
DM 1429Eugonic Broth
DM 1919Fermentation Medium Base for C. Perfringens
DM 1827Fermentation Medium for Staphylococcus and Micrococcus
DM 1239Fletcher Leptospira Medium Base (Leptospira Medium Base, Fletcher)
DM 1009Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (Thioglycollate Medium Fluid)
DM 1117Fluid Casein Digest Soya Lecithin Medium (Twin Pack)
DM 1026Fluid Lactose Medium
DM 1013Fluid Sabouraud Medium (Sabouraud Medium, Cluid)
DM 2533IFluid Selenite Cystine Broth (Twin Pack)
DM 1025Fluid Selenite Cystine Medium (Selenite Cystine Medium) (Twin Pack)
DM 1032Fluid Tetrathionate Medium w/o Iodine and BG See Fluid Tetrathionate Medium w/o Iodine and BG
DM 1380Fluid Thioglycollate Medium w/ Beef Extract
DM 1565FNA Medium (Fluorescein Denitrification Agar)
DM 1431Forget Fredette Agar
DM 1079Fuchsin Lactose Broth
DM 1094Fungal Agar (Mycological Agar)
DM 1095Fungal Agar w/low pH (Mycological Agar w/low pH)
DM 1264Fungal Broth (Mycological Broth)
DM 1265Fungal Broth w/low pH (Mycological Broth w/low pH)
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