Advanced Disinfection Solution

 1_1151383624_SILROX_10_Advanced_Hydrogen_Peroxide_Silver_Stablized_Solution_FOR_Aerial_fumigation,Surface_disinfection,Instrument_Disinfection_&_Water_Disinfection_n Advanced Disinfection Solution

SILROX-10 is a advance solution with the combined effect of Hydrogen Peroxide with silver nitrate results in multiple oxidation power to kill all germs viz. bacteria, fungi, spores, virus, algae and amoebae. SILROX-10 a powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant that is both stable and safe. SILROX-10 can be used in various applications for air and surface disinfection through fogging, spraying, surface wiping etc.SILROX-10 is biodegradable with no residue and the formation of highly reactive free oxygen ions and hydroxyl radicals help to achieve superior disinfection. The silver attacks the defense system (enzymes) of the micro organisms and the hydrogen peroxide attacks its membrane and internal organs (DNA and RNA) resulting in cellular dysfunction.

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